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It's always interesting to see top competitive couples apply their interpretive skill to 'basic figures.' The following clip allows for the comparison of several couples dancing the same syllabus routine, including the partnerships of Fung/Muravyeva and Bizokas/Demidova. See below for the amalgamation and figure links.

Basic Amalgamation (16 Bars)
Brush Tap (QQ&S)
2 Walks (SS)
Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot (QQQQ)
Oversway (Drop)(QQSS) Ending No. 1 (QQ)
Natural Promenade Turn and Rock Turn
Five Step at a Corner (QQS&S)
The Chase with Ending No. 4 (SQQQQ Q&QQQ)
Closed Promenade (SQQS)
Reverse Outside Swivel Method 4 (QQSQQ)
Step 1 of Contra Check (S)

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