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We always welcome videos of the Japan Open, because it gives us a glimpse at how professional couples execute 'basic figures' under tournament conditions. That is not to say we don't love our instructional videos, but in the comfort of a studio, our star couples are not trying their utmost to impress. The clip begins midway through with Fung/Mikhed and finishes with Gozzoli/Betti. See below for the amalgamation and figure links.

Basic Amalgamation (19.5 Bars)
1-5 Natural Turn (SQQSS)
Rumba Cross (QQSS)(S)
Rumba Cross (QQS)
5-10 Running Right Turn (SSSQQS)
Quick Open Reverse (S)(SQQ)
Reverse Pivot (S)
Double Reverse Spin (SSQQ)
Cross Swivel (SS)
Fishtail (SQQQQS)
1-4 Natural Turn (SQQS)
Tipsy to Right (Q&Q)
Tipsy to Left (Q&Q)
Tipsy to Right (Q&Q)
Tipsy to Left (Q&Q)
2-4 Back Lock (QQS)
Running Finish (SQQ)

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